Respiratory Aid – Dog Cough Medicine

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Respiratory Aid – Dog Cough Medicine, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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Coughs in dogs have many different causes but are quite a common occurrence. Any cough your dog suffers with should be thoroughly checked out by a veterinarian. A simple cough can sometimes be a symptom of something more serious. Most dogs will suffer a cough at some time whether it is because they have inhaled a grass seed, have caught kennel cough from other dogs, have an irritation in their airway, or be suffering from a congenital disorder like a collapsing trachea or larynx disease. It can take time to diagnose the reason for an ongoing chronic cough in your dog and this will involve some tests to establish the root cause of the problem. Most dogs retain their normal activity with a cough but others may be very poorly depending on the cause.

In most cases of dog cough the outcome is good except if the cough indicates advanced heart disease in which case by the time the dog is coughing it may be too late to effect a complete cure and palliative nursing care will be required. One of the most important things you can do to prevent some causes of cough is to vaccinate your dog against contagious canine diseases. Treatments for dog cough vary and may include anti biotic treatment, surgery, or good nursing care.

Whatever type of cough your dog has it indicates that all is not well and it is important to try to support his immune system at this time and to help him become free of the cough symptoms. Cough suppressants and expectorants should not be used without veterinary advice as different coughs require different things and it is important not to give the dog the wrong type of cough mixture. However, there are good natural products that can aid his respiratory system and bring relief from the symptoms of dog cough.

Once you have received a diagnosis of the type of cough your dog has and discussed the various treatment options with your veterinarian, it is time to consider how to support your dog and keep his immune system strong throughout his illness and treatment program. A natural remedy that has proven to give relief to dogs that cough is Respiratory Aid Dog Cough Medicine from the wonderful rang of natural products at and like all products in the range is high quality and effective.

Support for a dog’s cough and breathing problems

  • Soothes kennel cough
  • Helps ease breathing
  • Great for short-nosed breeds
  • Natural anti-inflammatory action
  • All natural ingredients
  • Gentle formula for long-term use

Carefully formulated, this potent blend of botanical oils was developed by a naturopathic veterinarian and herbalist doctors. This simple natural remedy has brought great relief to owners and their dogs with coughs as it eases their breathing and soothes the cough.

Like the other outstanding products in the range, Respiratory Aid Dog Cough Medicine is formulated from 100% natural botanical oils produced in an organic facility in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Nothing was left to chance and certified Veterinarians, Naturopathic doctors, and a Master herbalist developed Respiratory Aid Dog Cough Medicine. There was a strict testing phase of Respiratory Aid Dog Cough Medicine with stringent attention to detail undertaken by certified veterinarians. When it was finally marketed, it was well received by the dog-owning consumer who wanted the same kind of supplemental aids for their dog’s body systems as they do for themselves. With full credentials, this product is guaranteed safe, simple, and effective.

Key Benefits

  • Supports and encourages the strength of the immune system
  • Safe and simple to Use
  • Helps support healing
  • Natural anti-inflammatory action
  • Helps ease breathing
  • Helps maintain energy levels
  • Ideal for short nosed breeds
  • Soothes cough
  • 100% Organic Natural Botanical Treatment
  • Non Irritating Formula without chemicals for long term use
  • Money Back Guarantee

Many dog owners will be looking for natural ways to support their dog’s well being during the coughing phase and enjoy the fact there are natural products to complement any therapy their dog is receiving from the veterinarian. Many people these days see the benefits of natural treatments. Respiratory Aid Dog Cough Medicine has been a real help to many dog owner’s whose much loved pets have been suffering with acute and chronic coughs. Testimonials from satisfied dog owners have proved this product really supports dogs when they are experiencing coughing associated with illness.

Respiratory Aid Dog Cough Medicine is a potent formula that will help support the immune system composed of the highest quality ingredients. It is most important to purchase only the guaranteed purest high quality botanic oils for your dog.

The natural blend of pure botanical oils contained in Respiratory Aid Dog Cough Medicine is designed for use after the diagnosis of the cause of your dog’s cough. It may be used as a support for short nosed dogs on a long term basis or to aid recovery of dogs with sort term cough. It is designed to be used as an ongoing support to the dog’s immune system to complement medical therapy from your veterinarian.

The benefits your dog will gain from this blend of carefully formulated ingredients will be obvious in the signs of relief from cough and signs of physical well being in your dog. The essential oils contained in this carefully selected blend are coltsfoot, marshmallow, plantain, mullein, horehound, licorice, lobelia, ginger and myrrh.

The Botanicals

Coltsfoot: The botanical name of Tussilago farfara L. (coltsfoot) aptly mirrors the plant’s therapeutic use. As the Latin term tussilago denotes cough. The dried out leaves as well as the flower heads of this plant have been used to treat this condition since early days. Coltsfoot has been the preferred herbal medication for treating coughs and bronchial congestion for hundreds of years. The role of coltsfoot in this blend of botanical oils is to calm coughing, aid in relaxing spasms, help soothe a dog’s irritated tissues and manage inflammation.

Marshmallow: This plant soothes irritated or inflamed mucous membranes and other properties of marshmallow offers respite from dry cough bronchial asthma, bronchial congestion or jamming of the bronchioles and even pleurisy. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties; helps protect against bacteria; helps soothe and soften irritated tissues.

Plantain: This herb is not as some may think from a banana plantation but is in fact a small weed like herb that grows in meadows and pastures. It is useful in comforting the cough impulse, alleviating intense and panicky coughs. The common plantain normally discourages the discharge of mucous, in the respiratory system. This property of the herb is useful in treating colds, catarrh, or running nose, bronchial congestion, and allergic conditions like such as irritation caused by allergy to pollens as well as asthma. The expectorant (forcing the coughing up of thick mucous) action of the herb helps to clear the cough from the chest. The anti bacterial action of the common plantain adds to its fame as a remedy for respiratory disorders like colds, sore throat, and tonsillitis and all types of congestion of the chest.

Mullein: Also known as “bunny ears”, mullein was used through the ages for tuberculosis. It is widely used for treating and healing ailments such as such as asthma and coughs. It is a very practical herb that also is effective in healing tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils). It also helps to sooth and lubricate tissues.

Horehound: Horehound is one of the best herbs to eliminate severe mucus congestion of the respiratory passages. It aids in loosening impacted and accumulated phlegm in the lining of the throat, in the lungs and in the sinuses. Most colds can be alleviated with this potent herb and it is effective for alleviating the pain of a sore throat and is effective in dealing with inflamed lung tissues caused by colds, coughs, and allergies. It also contains antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and expectorant properties and helps to calm spasms.

Licorice: The herb has expectorant and demulcent properties and has been used traditionally in the treatment of common colds and coughs. It moisturizes lungs and arrests coughing which relieves spasms and pain. It is also highly effective for sore throat and generalised respiratory infections. Licorice has also been known to stop the growth of bacteria and viruses.

Lobelia: This is an extremely potent herb and is always blended because of its power with coltsfoot and mullein for coughs and conditions of the lungs. It helps to relax and expand a dog’s respiratory system, assisting oxygenated blood to flow more freely.

Ginger: This herb is one of nature’s gems it has many efficacious effects for many different ailments. It is warm and soothing and helps to alleviate persistent coughs and all kinds of viral and bacterial infections and diseases. It is a key herb in the treatment of all respiratory conditions. It is a natural anti-oxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Myrrh: Myrrh is an effective medication to cure coughs and also removes the congestion and tightness of the respiratory system. The herb is particularly beneficial for treating bronchitis, asthma colds, catarrh, and nasal discharge. The antiseptic property of myrrh is an additional bonus as this acts actively against all viral and bacterial infections, combats all other diseases, and invigorates the body’s immune system. The astringent property of the herb aids in apprehending releases or discharges from the body loosens phlegm and nasal discharges. Myrrh has valuable antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and astringent properties and helps to protect against bacteria.

The potent 100% natural botanical oils are blended in a harmless glycerine base, which makes it easy for the dog to swallow. The amounts given are small so can also be easily disguised in food. Most dogs do not have any problems in receiving their Respiratory Aid Dog Cough Medicine straight from the eyedropper supplied with the product.

The directions for use are simple Give to your dog twice a day as follows:

Give one drop for every 2 lb (1 kg) of body weight up to 50 lb (25 kg). Thereafter add one drop per additional 4 lb (2 kg). The product can be given with food or directly in the mouth with eyedropper. Respiratory Aid Dog Cough Medicine will last for 6 months and must be refrigerated after opening.

NOTE: Do not use on pregnant dogs

After the cancer has been treated or a tumour has been successfully removed, you can keep giving your pet ES Clear. It is helpful for supporting your pet’s immune system, maintaining digestion, and helping with any discomfort due to irritated tissues. It also contains ingredients that cleanse and stimulate the removal of waste products from the system.

Pet Wellbeing is a reputable company that produces high quality products made from carefully sourced ingredients. You can order ES Clear with complete confidence and if you do not achieve the expected results, there is a 90 day money back guarantee. Read some of the testimonials to see how Plantaeris has brought relief to dogs and their owners.

These testimonial reviews are from the Pet Wellbeing website from grateful owners:

By Dog Lover from Manchester, CT

“This product has tremendously helped my 13 1/2 yr old poodle with her screeching cough. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and her enlarged heart irritated her trachea. When the vet put her on a narcotic cough medicine, she vomited for 3 days. SInce I already was using Hearty Heart, (which by the way has my little dog acting playful and happy again), I decided to return to your site to see if something could help her persistent cough. Thankfully, I found this respiratory aid/cough medicine to try. Your staff thought the respiratory aid would help her trachea irritation. She has been on this respiratory aid for 3 weeks and I see a huge improvement. We now all have peaceful nights of sleep without coughing spells!”

By Cheryl In Texas from Palestine, TX

“My 12 year old Chihuahua has suffered with a chronic cough for many months. I have taken her to the vet countless times. We tried 3 series of antibiotics, narcotic cough syrup and even a round of steroids. The cough improved for a day or two and then it returned. I tried another herbal preparation from another company. The dosage prescribed was too strong and my dog was like a zombie. We had to reduce the dosage and saw no improvement in her cough. On several occasions our family discussed euthanasia rather than continue to have our baby struggle. We found Respiratory Aid through a google search. Her cough improved after about a week and after 4 weeks, she rarely coughs. I hate to be over dramatic, but this product saved our precious little dog’s life. We are extremely grateful to”

By Matty’s mom from Roswell, NM

“I adopted a young terrrior pound-hound who developed a persistent cough following spaying. We tried antibiotics for tracheitis; then steroids and antihistimines for allergies; then Tagement for reflux. Finally we had a barium swallow and found a deep-seated respiratory restriction. Then we tried Tramadol and an injection for parasites. Our next avenue would have been BAL with cultures, etc. which would have been very expensive. I found NHV on-line and gave it a try. She still has a slight, occasional cough but essentially has cleared up. I have recommended this product to my vet. I will continue to use, just a few drops on her food twice a day.”

This is a product that really makes a difference and has given a new lease of life to older dogs with chronic coughing problems and to younger dogs suffering a dose of kennel cough and allergies. Dogs that are naturally short nosed have improved their snuffly breathing while taking this harmless safe product, which enhances their quality of life. There is nothing to lose using this top quality formula with the peace of mind knowing these herbs have been used effectively for hundreds of years.

Prevention of Dog Coughs 

There are steps you can take to minimise the risk of your dog coughing. If your dog is coughing due to allergens, remove them from your home where possible. Cigarette smoke, aerosols, insecticides, house dust, and perfumes. All of the same things that can cause allergies in people can affect your dog too.

Always keep your dog regularly vaccinated to avoid contracting kennel cough and other canine diseases.

Maintain a regular de-worming program so your dog does not suffer with internal parasites that can lodge in his respiratory system and make him cough.

If your dog is overweight, he should be put onto a weight loss routine under your veterinarian’s supervision, as an overweight dog is more at risk of chronic illnesses including heart disease and respiratory illness.

Be aware that short-nosed breeds of dogs can get very snuffly and also have a harder job breathing than other dogs. Always these facts into consideration and help them out where you can. As an ongoing support, Respiratory Aid Dog Cough Medicine can give your short-nosed friend an easier time of breathing more easily.

Home Care for Dog Coughs

While your dog is coughing, care should be taken to keep him as comfortable as possible. Only use cough medicines selectively as although they may decrease the severity and frequency of your dog’s cough, they will not treat the underlying cause. To soothe your dog before he has had veterinary treatment it is perfectly fine to give him some completely natural Respiratory Aid Dog Cough Medicine. In fact, it is a good product to keep on hand if your dog is at risk or has been diagnosed with a condition where he is likely to have difficulties breathing.

Using the wrong type of cough medication on a cough will do nothing to alleviate symptoms so unless you know what you are dealing with, offer different kinds of relief until you have a diagnosis. Dogs with a very dry cough for example can be helped by keeping them in the bathroom with the shower on so they can breathe in the steam, which will ease their airways. A room humidifier will also help

While your dog is unwell, cut down his exercise so he does not over exert himself causing coughing spasms. A gentle walk is all that is required while he is under the weather. If he has a chronic cough associated with a more serious condition then his exercise program should be advised by your veterinarian, but at no time should they over exert themselves.

Try not to get your dog overexcited or stressed as this can trigger off an attack of coughing.

Make sure your dog is drinking plenty of fresh water and provide a diet that is palatable and easily managed by your dog with a cough. Soft food such as mashed up tinned food mixed with some gravy will make it easier for him to swallow and enjoy.

Allow your dog as much rest as he needs and allow him to relax. If he has any discharge from his nose or eyes, then clean gently with warm water and a fresh piece of cotton wool for each eye to prevent cross infection.

Do not delay if your dog becomes very unwell or if the cough lasts for more than a week. He could have a foreign body trapped in his esophagus, kennel cough, early signs of heart disease, allergy or collapsing trachea. Some of these conditions can be very serious but fortunately most coughs are fairly common and short in duration and are due to irritants, foreign objects becoming stuck or a virus or bacteria.

Holistic Dog Care:

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