Eye Easy Drops for Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye in Dogs

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When an animal is in distress or pain, it is heart wrenching for the pet owner to know their beloved pet is traumatized yet not always know where the source of the pain is.

Pink Eye

is a visible condition that any alert pet owner will pick up upon. It is always worthwhile checking your

dog’s eyes

after returning from a walk to see if they have anything in their eyes or if there is a discharge of any kind. It is quite possible that on cold windy days the dog may get watery eyes or may get a grass seed or some other particle in the eye when running through the park or countryside. Good grooming practice will see a dog owner gently bathing the eyes as part of the routine or using special wipes designed for the purpose of cleansing the sensitive eye area.

What is Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye
Conjunctivitis in dogs is one ailment that will be obvious to any dog owner because of the way it presents itself.


is also known by the name “pink eye” which is a very apt description of the ailment.

Pink eye in dogs is an inflammation of the conjunctival membrane that covers the back of the eyelids and the surface of the eyeball up to the cornea. It is one of the most common conditions to affect dogs. Some dogs may be more prone to

pink eye

than others may. If your dog is already suffering with an allergy, it is quite likely to suffer


. The orbital anatomy of your dog’s eye can vary and the deep and large eyes of giant and large breeds of dog can predispose them to chronic conjunctivitis.

Eye Easy for Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye in Dogs
Canine Eye Easy for Dog Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

Conjunctivitis in dogs.
PetWellbeing Inc
Pink Eye drops in Dogs
Canine Eye Easy drops for Dog Pink Eye

Effective treatment for

pink eye in dogs

. All natural ingredients. No chemicals. Restores eyes to healthy state.
When you notice inflammation in your

dog’s eyes

, signs of redness or watery eyes, it may indicate an eye problem that may require simple eye drops to emergency surgery. There are many other inflammatory conditions and infectious diseases that have similar symptoms to pink eye so always see your veterinarian if you are unsure that it is pink eye.


is the most common

eye disease

of all domestic animals.

In dogs, the eye reddens because of the increased flow of blood to the eye area and you may also notice swelling of the mucous membranes. Bacteria or viruses can cause

pink eye

. Parasites such as ticks and allergies are less common causes of pink eye, but ticks can transmit several parasites that can cause not only pink eye but also other eye conditions such as keratitis and uveitis, which are serious conditions of the eye. There may be clear

discharge from the eyes

or the discharge may contain mucous depending on how severely the dog is affected by the disease.

Application of Conventional Pink Eye Drops Treatments
Usual prescribed conventional treatments for

pink eye in dogs

or conjunctivitis is to use eye drops containing antibacterial agents. Several daily applications of eye drops over the course of several days are required for successful treatment. There are disadvantages to using eye drops and the biggest is the rapid dispersal and elimination form the eye’s surface. There are treatments that help overcome this where a little sticky insert containing the drug is put into the lower eye sac and dissolves thus making the treatment more effective.

Pink Eye Symptoms
The classic signs of


are a red eye with a discharge. Conjunctivitis is not usually painful. If the eye is red, look out for the dog closing his or her eye, squinting and closing the eye. This may indicate diseases that are more serious or trauma to the eye. Do not delay seeking veterinary advice in this case, as delays may lead to blindness
The eye may have different kinds of discharge. Again, care must be taken to determine whether it is


or not. In the case where both eyes are discharging, an allergy or something more serious like canine distemper could be responsible. When the discharge is only in one eye, try to find out if it is a local cause like hair in the eye or a foreign body. Sometimes discharge is present if your dog has scratched his or her eye running through bushes and brambles.

Types of Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye


pink eye in dogs

, the eye discharge may be clear, mucus like or pus like. A stringy, mucoid discharge suggests the dog may have inadequate tears; this problem is the most common cause of


in dogs.

Serous Conjunctivitis Drops
Serous conjunctivitis is a mild condition in which the membranes look pink and somewhat swollen. The discharge is clear and watery. Physical irritants such as wind, cold, dust, and allergens cause serous conjunctivitis. A lot of itching often accompanies allergic conjunctivitis and the dog will rub his face and eyes. There are some viruses that will also cause a clear discharge as well.

Follicular Conjunctivitis
Follicular (mucoid) conjunctivitis is a condition in which the small mucous glands (follicles) on the underside of the eye membrane react to an eye irritant or infection by forming a rough, cobblestone surface that irritates the eye and produces a mucoid discharge. After the causing factor has been treated, the follicles may persist and the rough surface acts as a chronic irritant.

Purulent Conjunctivitis
Purulent conjunctivitis is serous conjunctivitis that becomes infected. The usual culprits are the bacteria Streptococcus and Staphylococcus. The conjunctiva is red and swollen. The eye discharge contains mucus and pus and thick secretions may crust the eyelids.

Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye in Puppies
The eyes of newborn puppies open at 10 to 14 days of age. Infection behind the eyelids, called neonatal conjunctivitis, can occur before or after the eyelids separate. Bacteria that gains access to the space behind the eyelids during or shortly after birth cause this form of conjunctivitis.

There is a condition with newborn puppies where the eyelids do not open as widely as they should. This predisposes a puppy to neonatal conjunctivitis. Neonatal conjunctivitis may affect several puppies in the same litter.

Always check puppies’ eyes and suspect this problem if the eyelids appear swollen and/or the eyelids bulge. A purulent discharge may be present if the infection occurs when the eyes are beginning to open. The discharge may cause the eyelids to stick together. Always contact your veterinarian immediately if you suspect neonatal conjunctivitis. Delay in treatment can lead to corneal damage and blindness.

Various Treatments for Conjunctivitis and Pink Eye
Between the veterinarian and owner, an investigation into the underlying causes of

pink eye

needs to be undertaken. Correction depends on the cause. For example, if the pink eye was caused by a foreign object, cold. or seed in the eye, then clearly the pink eye will not be recurrent. If it is bacterial or viral, it will run its course but if the dog suffers from recurrent episodes of pink eye, then tests need to be run to establish cause in case there is a more serious ailment

Serous Conjunctivitis Treatment Drops
Irritants, allergens, and particles going into the eye cause serous conjunctivitis. It is the most common form of the disease and can be readily treated at home. Flush the eye three or four times a day with over-the-counter sterile saline eyewash or artificial tears. Notify your veterinarian if the eye appears to be getting worse.

Follicular Conjunctivitis Treatment Drops
Mild cases of follicular conjunctivitis respond to antibiotic and corticosteroid eye ointments prescribed by your veterinarian. In resistant cases, the follicles may need to be destroyed by chemical cauterization.

Purulent Conjunctivitis Treatment Drops
This form of

pink eye

requires veterinary examination and treatment. It is important to remove mucus and pus from the eyes, as well as pus and crusts that adhere to the eyelids. Moisten a cotton ball with sterile eyewash and gently cleanse the eye. Warm, moist packs may help loosen crusts. Repeat as necessary and apply topical antibiotics as prescribed by your veterinarian. Topical antibiotics should be continued for several days beyond the conjunctivitis apparent cure.

Corticosteroids and eye medications containing corticosteroids should not be used in dogs with purulent conjunctivitis because they impair the inflammatory response that fights infection. Bacterial culture and sensitivity tests may be needed if the conjunctivitis does not improve.

Natural Drops and Alternative Treatments for Conjunctivitis and Pink Eye
There are many natural and alternative treatments on the market for pink eye and some of these can be very effective for soothing irritation and effecting a cure or to be used as a complementary treatment along side your prescribed treatments. Soothing essential oils that are potent with healing powers can be something to be considered for your dog also.

Nursing your dog with Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye Drops
Bear in mind that if your dog has bacterial or viral conjunctivitis or pinkeye, it is contagious so if you have other dogs in the home, you should keep the infected dog isolated and practice good hygiene. The risks of contagion are fairly low but it is wise to take precautions. It is possible for your dog to contract a viral or

bacterial conjunctivitis

from a local dog park or place where lots of dogs are walked.

There is an awful lot of misinformation about the transfer of the disease from dogs to humans. It is not possible for the bacteria or virus to be transmitted to humans. Rest assured that

pink eye

is not contagious to humans from dogs so you and your family are not at risk of this. For a bacteria or virus to make the leap across species is a very rare phenomenon indeed and certainly, this is not the case with this particular ailment. Nevertheless, it cannot be stressed enough that good hygiene practices when handling your dog when he or she is sick are of utmost importance, not only for your health but for the pet’s recovery too.

While it is unlikely that your dog will be very poorly or ill with pink eye, as a responsible owner you will want to do your best to keep him or her comfortable. Your dog will need extra attention and you will have to give him or her medication and attend to their well-being watching closely for any change in the condition. Avoid over handling the dog and especially be careful if you groom the dog as you do not want additional irritants to irritate an already sore eye if loose hair is in the atmosphere. Keep the dog away from any environmental pollutants and do not allow them to sit in the way of fans or heaters. It is important to avoid adding irritation to the eyes.

There should be no need to change the diet of your dog from his normal food unless he is off it when you can try and tempt him or her with some cooked chicken and rice. Keep your dog comfortable in a calm area where he or she may be left in peace. If you have children, explain that the pet is sick and is not to be played with or pulled about just in case they may snap or bite if they are feeling pain. In this situation, your dog that is experiencing any pain or soreness and feels poorly may act out of character through no fault of their own so take care when handling your pet if he or she is not on top form. Spend time with the dog and show some sympathy and kindness. They will know you are looking after them.

Giving Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye Medication to Your Dog
It is never easy giving medication to your dog especially when you sometimes need to be firm to ensure they receive the treatment. With eye drops, it can be tricky but with some patience, you will get the job done.

Before you apply the eye drops make sure your dog’s eyes are clean. Gently bathe with warm water using separate pieces of cotton wool for each eye. Make sure you are familiar with the medication and read the instructions thoroughly.

You will need to secure your dog. If possible, obtain the help of a friend or family member to leave your hands free to put the drops into your dog’s eyes. If you have to apply the eye drops alone, depending on the size of the dog you can hold him or her between your knees with the backside against a wall or door. A smaller dog will need to be cradled in your arms.

You will need to hold the dog’s head steady by cradling it in your hand, placing your palm underneath the chin for stability. Then with the other hand, gently pull the lower eyelid down, creating a pocket to put the eye medication in.

Squeeze the eye drops in quickly, counting out the prescribed number of drops into the pouch that you created, being careful not to touch the tip of the bottle to your dog’s eye. Let go of your dog, and allow him to blink or move as usual. The act of blinking will move the eye drops across the surface of the eye; it should not require any additional help from you.

Using a Neck Collar for Dogs with Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye
What is distressing for the dog is that pink eye can itch which is very uncomfortable for the dog and of course if he or she is allowed to itch they are at risk of scratching the eyeball surface or making the infection worse. Keeping the eyes clean and eliminating the cause of the conjunctivitis with the appropriate medication or treatment program is the key to clearing up the infection as quickly as possible. If you find your dog is itching badly, a neck collar can be obtained from your veterinarian, neighborhood pet store or you can make one yourself.

The commercial neck collars are made in hard plastic and come in different sizes to suit your dog. You may well have to do a makeshift job if your dog is itching at his eyes badly. The collar may look a little odd, but it is far better than your dog cross infecting his pink eye condition. What is most important is it gets the job done until you can obtain something sturdier. You may not need to buy a commercial product at all depending on your dog.

For large dogs, consider cutting a hole in the bottom of a plastic bucket just big enough to slip your dog’s head through. If you have a large cardboard box, you can cut a neck collar to fit your pet. Take your dog’s collar off or measure the circumference of his neck. The collar is initially a semi-circle.

Draw a semi-circle in the centre of the cardboard using your dog’s neck measurement. It will seem like this is too big but the size of the collar will reduce when you form it into a cone. Next, draw the outer edge of the collar. The distance from the inner semi-circle to the outer one is about ½ the measurement of your dog’s neck. Connect the two edges of the semi-circles and cut out the shape. Puncture some holes in both edges of the makeshift collar. If possible, cut out some slits near the edge of the inner semi-circle. Weave your dog’s normal collar through the slits. Mold the cardboard into a cone and place on your dog’s head. Secure onto the neck with the neck collar. Hopefully, the holes punched in the side will line up. You can use shoestrings to lace and secure the edges together. Do not worry about how the collar looks; know that your pet will not be irritating his or her eyes.

A quick and easy collar can be made for small dogs. Take a paper plate and cut a circle out of the centre, just big enough to slip your dog’s head through. If the plate is too big, trim down the edges. You can even remove a strip of the plate and mold it into a cone. Use tape to secure the edges.

Once you have put the collar on, you may see some odd behavior while the dog gets used to it. Most dogs unaccustomed to these collars will bang into furniture, walls, the floor and your legs and look a bit drunk! Some dogs will not eat with this collar on and a few may just hover in one area, waiting for the collar to disappear. You may feel sorry for you pet but remember you are preventing further injury and infection to the eyes.

If your dog is supervised, the collar can come off and he or she can enjoy some free time. Some dogs may need the collar removed each time they eat. Remember to replace it when you are not around or when you are sleeping. Your dog will be less than pleased wearing a neck collar and many do not take kindly to them and may try to remove them but bear in mind that your dog’s eyes are precious and a little discomfort for him or her wearing the collar will in the long term, protect them from further damage to the eye.

Remember that

conjunctivitis in dogs

or pink eye is something that if treated appropriately and in time will be a relatively short-term illness. Keeping the eyes clean and bathed is good practice and always follow your veterinarian’s advice if antibiotics or other drugs are required. For milder cases, natural remedies may be all that is required, but the welfare of your dog is very important so it is wise to seek advice as soon as you notice any tell tale signs of redness, discharge, and swelling around the eyes and membranes. If your dog has severe redness and it is possible a foreign body is embedded or an accident has occurred then this should be treated as an emergency situation and your veterinarian should be contacted. In the most common form, your dog’s symptoms will be mild and he or she will make a speedy recovery.

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Eye Easy Drops 100% Natural Botanic Oil Formula for Pink Eye in Dogs

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Conjunctivitis or

Pink Eye

is one of the most common conditions that your dog may suffer. Certain breeds such as Great Danes, Pointers, Maltese Terriers, Shih Tzu and Miniature Poodles, seem more prone to Pink Eye than other breeds of dog so if your dog is this type, keep a look out for pink eye.

Pink Eye in your dog is a painful condition that causes inflammation, redness, soreness, and

eye discharge

. See your veterinarian if you the pink eye does not clear up or you think there may be a scratch or foreign body in the eye.

There is a natural remedy that will give your dog relief from the

symptoms of Pink Eye

called Eye Easy drops. Eye Easy is a blend of soothing botanical oils that has been formulated by a naturopathic veterinarian and has had some fantastic results for dogs suffering this uncomfortable condition. This product brings about relief of symptoms and promotes healing with a simple topical application.

Eye Easy is a product to be confident about. 100% natural and produced in an organic facility in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, it was developed by certified Veterinarians, Naturopathic doctors, and a Master herbalist.

Eye Easy Drops

then underwent stringent testing by certified Veterinarians before being brought to market. With highly experienced veterinarians involved who validate the proven performance, you are certain this is a product that has the fullest credentials.

Eye Easy for Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye in Dogs
Canine Eye Easy for Dog Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

Conjunctivitis in dogs.
PetWellbeing Inc
Pink Eye drops in Dogs
Canine Eye Easy drops for Dog Pink Eye

Effective treatment for

pink eye in dogs

. All natural ingredients. No chemicals. Restores eyes to healthy state.

Key Benefits of Eye Easy
•    Rapid Action bringing fast relief of symptoms
•    Soothes pain and uncomfortable itching
•    Works deeply to promote healing
•    Helps to control eye discharge
•    Relives swelling and inflammation
•    Helps to prevent contagion to other dogs.
•    Safe and Simple to Use
•    100% Organic Natural Botanical Treatment
•    Non Irritating Formula without chemicals
•    Money Back Guarantee

Dog owners will be pleased to now there is a

natural alternative to drug therapy

and from the time of Eye Easy being introduced to the natural pet treatment market place, Eye Easy has achieved a reputation by delivering results to dogs. Testimonials from satisfied dog owners have confirmed that Eye Easy has quickly alleviated conjunctivitis or Pink Eye symptoms.

More and more people are realizing the many benefits of using natural essential oil treatments for their dogs.  Potent formulas like

Eye Easy Drops

help to remedy an ailment but also strengthen and regulate the immune system. The oils assist in healing a variety of ailments. It is most important to use the purest high quality botanic oils for treatment and

Eye Easy

selects only the purest and most potent herbs and plants for their formulation.

The pure formula of Eye Easy is designed for use after the

diagnosis of Conjunctivitis

or Pink Eye. It is designed for external use and may be used in conjunction with drug therapy from your veterinarian or alone. Outbreaks of Pink Eye are distressing for you as a dog owner when you see your special friend in discomfort.

Eye Easy

can be used whenever you suspect that Pink Eye may be starting or if your dog has a sore eye from running in bushes or the park and has caught himself in the eye.

This advanced formula treats the Pink Eye with essential botanical oils that are renowned for their healing properties. An immediate relief from soreness and pain will be noticed and eyes are soothed and nourished with the essential oils. The essential oils contained in the product are Chamomile, Eyebright, Goldenseal and Rosemary in a harmless glycerin base. The purity and potency of the oils makes them very effective.

The Botanicals in Eye Easy Drops
Chamomile: Chamomile is a flowering plant in the daisy family. It is native to Europe and Asia. The flowers of the Chamomile plant are used in medicinal applications and formulations. It contains soothing anti-inflammatory properties and provides support to the immune system thus aiding healing.



is a wild plant native to Europe. The name Eyebright is believed to have come from its use as a traditional folk remedy for eye irritation. It is an astringent herb with anti-bacterial properties to fight any infection and to work at reducing inflammation.



is one of the most popular herbs on the market today traditionally used by Native Americans to treat eye irritations. Goldenseal became part of early colonial medical care as the European settlers learned of it from the Iroquois and other tribes. Another anti-inflammatory herb from nature, it has decongestant properties, which will help with any mucous or other discharge.

Rosemary: is a shrubby evergreen bush that grows up to 1.5 meters (4 feet) high with green-gray needle-shaped leaves and pale blue/lilac flowers that bees love. It is originally from Asia, but is now cultivated in France, Tunisia and the Adriatic countries. This well-known herb has exceptional antiseptic properties and works in harmony with the other oils to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

The treatment has no known side effects and is applied by an eyedropper with a dosage of two to three drops into each affected eye, two or three times daily. The bottle should be refrigerated after opening and will last around six months. This useful formula can also be used as an eye health measure that can be used from time to time to keep your dog’s eyes in good health and with susceptible breeds may keep the

Pink Eye

at bay.

Pet Wellbeing stands by their product and carefully sourced ingredients with complete confidence and if you do not achieve the expected results, there is a 90 day money back guarantee. Read some of the testimonials to see how

Eye Easy

has brought relief to dogs and their owners.

These customer reviews are from the Pet Wellbeing website from grateful owners:

“All i can say is wow! My

dog has had pink eye

for months. After several trips to the vet, nothing seemed to work. Everything irritated his eye, which made him scratch it, making it worse. This Eye-Easy took away all the discomfort which allowed my dog to relax. The redness is gone after 1 day of use. The discharge is now minimal where it once was heavy. I highly recommend this. I wish i would have known about this months ago! It would have saved me a fortune! If it’s this good after one day of use…i can only imagine how it will be in another day or two! Thanks so much for a great product! My precious dog can get back to normal again.”

—Lissa from Palestine, Texas
“Three weeks ago, my dog Sandy had a terrible case of pinkeye. It was gross to look at, and she kept trying to rub her eyes on everything and everybody. We needed help fast!
A friend told me about Eye Easy, so I ordered some. Sandy almost seemed to enjoy it when I put the drops in her eyes. She quickly started to respond, and in a few days her eyes were 100% better! On your recommendation, I’m going to keep using it now and then to keep it from coming back. Thanks!!”

—Gary K, Toronto
What about reviews from other sources?
In response to a question about Eye Easy on Yahoo Answers, this breeder responded:
“This product is fantastic… I’ve used many products from this company and recently bought some of this after a bout with eye infections. As a breeder, if one gets it, they all get it.

I used this with my adult lab who had just had puppies hoping to get rid of her eye infection before it spread to her puppies. It worked like a charm. Katie is booger free and feels much better now that she’s not rubbing her eyes.

The recommended dosage directions are excellent and within 36 hours, I saw a HUGE difference!”

Another Satisfied Dog Lover:
“Toby came from the dog shelter having led a miserable existence for the first six months of his life. Within days of getting him home, he developed pink eye. The poor little dog had been through so much I did not want to have him pumped full of drugs so researched for a natural remedy. I found a website selling Eye Easy and ordered them. I received them very quickly and started to use them. I made a game of it with Toby and gave him a treat each time we managed to put the drops in. I am glad to say within two days his little pink eyes had cleared up completely. I kept going with the treatment for a week and put the drop s in three times a day. I was sceptical but Eye Easy really worked and Toby is now a happy little dog full of fun and has not had Pink Eye since. Compared to a trip to the veterinarian the product was very affordable and I would thoroughly recommend it.”

Naomi Taylor – Seattle WA
As can be seen this product is one that works and in these days when more people are turning to natural remedies for themselves, it is only natural they should want the same treatments for their dogs. Dog owners are wanting easier alternatives to drug therapy, which are gentler on their pets but still have proven results. Easy Eye is one product that will not only relieve the

symptoms of Pink Eye

but will help prevent attacks and maintain the health of the eye. It is harmless to the eyes, gentle and soothing and one owner even reported Easy Eye had cleared up her Pink Eye too!! However, do check with your doctor first before using alternative therapies.

If you have a dog who suffers with recurring Pink Eye, here are a few other tips you can use in conjunction with your Eye Easy drops. All responsible pet owners will be performing routine grooming and care and you will gain a lot by using these tips for the comfort and well being of your dog.
Eyes are very delicate but surprisingly durable. There are steps you can take now to care for your pet’s eyes so they aren’t prone to infections and traumas later. One thing that is all-important is observing your pet’s eyes, so you can catch any problem early and prevent it.

Infections of the eye are usually caused by bacteria and are treated with antibiotic ointment or solutions. The most common infection of the eye is also the easiest to

detect conjunctivitis

. Symptoms of conjunctivitis include redness around the eye and a yellow or greenish discharge.

Other eye infections can be caused from trauma, foreign bodies in the eye or eyelash abnormalities. Eyelash abnormalities are usually genetic and cause the eyelashes to scrape against the cornea, thus causing ulceration and infection.

Preventing infection can be as easy as keeping your pet’s eyes clean. Here are some steps to follow to prevent infections from happening.

1 -Trim any hair from around your dog’s eyes to keep hair from scraping on the eye. This will help keep bacteria from entering the eye.
2 -Keeping your dog’s eyes clean will help prevent infections. You can use warm water on a separate piece of cotton to wipe the eyes or use special cleaning wipes. Finish up with a couple of drops of Eye Easy for maintaining infection free eyes.
3 – Be very careful when shampooing your dog or using any flea treatments that none gets in his eyes to irritate them.
4 -Do not let your dog travel with his head out of the car window or allow him to be in situations where he could be attacked by another dog. He will be exposed to particles in the air or injury, which can be prevented by thinking ahead.
5 -Tear stains encourage bacteria and the small breeds of dog mentioned previously do not have a proper mechanism for draining tears from the tear duct. The excess tears spill down the face causing dermatitis, staining and Pink Eye. Maintain good eye health and remove the tears. Use Eye Easy to soothe and maintain a healthy eye.

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